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Dan Uncles, LPC-R

I’m here to support your personal growth journey in a welcoming and nurturing space. Your well-being is of utmost importance to me, and together, we’ll address your mental health challenges. We’re partners in this journey, and your active involvement and self-compassion are key. Join me as we embark on the path to positive change and personal growth. Your transformation and potential for growth are boundless, and I’m here to accompany you every step of the way.

My ideal therapy client would be someone who is motivated and committed to the therapeutic process, actively seeking to make positive changes in their life. Their specific issues may vary, as the great thing about therapy is its versatility in addressing a wide range of mental health challenges. These issues could include anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, trauma, self-esteem struggles, or any other psychological concerns. What truly matters is their willingness to engage in the therapeutic process and their desire for change.

I offer a welcoming and supportive environment for clients to begin their therapeutic journey. They will find in me a therapist who values their commitment to the process and their desire for personal growth and well-being. I am dedicated to helping them address a wide range of mental health issues, understanding that the key to success in therapy is their active participation, honesty, self-compassion, empowerment, resilience, self-awareness, and an understanding of the therapeutic process. Together, we can work as a partnership to achieve meaningful and positive changes in their lives.