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Dynesia Ganaway, MA, LMFTe

Are you tired of running into a brick wall no matter how hard you try? You continue to do what you think is right only to end up where you started or worse. You have difficulty finding a groove that works for you in your everyday life i.e., home, school, and in the workplace. I want to assist you with reclaiming your time and life by utilizing the resources you already have but have not yet tapped into. I believe that anyone who is willing to put in the work towards recovery will be successful in their journey.

My treatment philosophy focuses on the client not as just an individual, but as being a part of a system that makes that person, couple, and/or family unique. This system is of many aspects from the client’s environment to the client’s background, life experiences, family unit, down to how the client interacts with others on a day-to-day basis.

I will assist you in creating a safe and comfortable space for you to work toward your goals and to improve your quality of life. I believe in balancing and pushing clients to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors while also providing validation and compassion. While I understands that reaching out to a therapist can be tough, I am here to support you.