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Whitney Campbell, LCSW

Are you or your teen struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety, or depression? Have you found that traumatic experiences in your past are interfering with your ability to function at work, at home, or at school? Do you have difficulty launching into independent adult life? Therapy can be very effective in giving you the coping skills that you need to thrive. In therapy, we will work towards your goals and towards real solutions that can make your life better. You can learn coping skills that you can start applying right away while we address behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back.

You can expect compassionate holistic support without judgment. We will tailor therapy to your needs, drawing on CBT, solution-focused, and other techniques that can give you practical tools that you can start applying right away. We will consider how to make holistic life choices that support healing and growth. ( I have a strong background in nutrition.)

You can expect expert care tailored to your needs. Based on your struggles, goals, and strengths, we will draw from CBT, integrative, solution-focused, psychodynamic therapy, or other approaches. We will work towards short-term relief and sustained healing. You can be calmer and more balanced. Reach out today. I am looking forward to hearing your story.