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Adam Hiller, MSW

I am an LMSW Supervisee in Social work at our Aldie clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I have been in practice for the past year and a half. I come from New York state and moved here in May of 2022. I provide a background involving internships and positions at adolescent residential programs and county mental health programs. Given this, I have a good understanding of family issues and adolescent and young adult care and treatment. Since moving to Virginia I’ve taken on clients mixed in young adulthood and teenage.

I enjoy working with clients who come in with an open mind and an attitude of growth. Therapy is hard. A lot of focus is on problems and what we can do together to explore them and help to gain clarity and strategies to help them to be more manageable. This involves a lot of trust, openness, and vulnerability.

I pride myself on providing a safe space for my clients and work hard to create a strong bond with them. This allows them to feel safe enough to discuss the deeper details of their lives, which helps them to grow. I use various techniques such as some CBT and mindfulness and acceptance, and specialize in listening.

I think you should reach out to me if you feel like you have had previous poor experiences in therapy or desire a more conversational and relational approach to therapy. I am engaging to all of my clients, and give a fair amount of feedback. If this is what you are looking for then I think we will fit well.