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woman in striped shirt in a substance abuse treatment programAt Columbia Associates, we know that there is a lot of stigma that comes with mental health concerns, and we’re working to help break down these stigmas every day. Substance abuse issues can come with even more stigma than mental health concerns, and it is very common that individuals with substance abuse challenges are also suffering from co-occurring disorders. At Columbia Associates, we can help with mental health issues for everyone, including those who are experiencing challenges with addictive behaviors. Our teams do not offer medication-assisted treatment options but we do offer therapeutic and psychiatric services that can help manage the symptoms associated with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. 

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Co-Occurring disorders

Adults and adolescents alike often self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and mood instability. Teens who are struggling with depression are more than twice as likely as teens who are not struggling with their mental health to use marijuana, and 70% of kids 12 and older who abuse pain medications say they get them from a friend or relative. 

Addressing the mental health factors that contribute to substance abuse issues can be a key part of successful recovery. Whether you are early on in recovery or have been in the recovery process for years, our teams can help to support your mental health journey.

Working with outside providers

Substance abuse treatment often involves working with many treatment teams. At Columbia Associates, we have extensive experience collaborating with other providers so that your treatment can be collaborative and supportive. We work with individuals who are in varying levels of outpatient and inpatient substance abuse treatments so that your mental health care works with your treatment and recovery goals! Reach out to our intake coordinators today to learn how we can become a part of your existing recovery plan.

Support for family members and loved ones

Substance abuse issues can have wide-reaching impacts. Whether you are a family member, romantic partner, child or friend of an individual who is in recovery or active addition – you deserve support! When our loved ones are struggling, it can be easy to focus on their well-being and sacrifice our own. Our teams at Columbia Associates can provide a private and supportive environment for you to work through the stressors, thoughts and emotions that are impacting you! 

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Co-Occuring Mental Health Conditions in the DC Metropolitan Area

At Columbia Associates, we are dedicated to helping people in our communities access life-changing mental health care. Regardless of the specific ways in which substance abuse impacts your life, we can provide the treatment services that support your treatment and recovery goals! Call us today at 703.682.8208 to learn more about our eating disorder treatment center.