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Elaine Kim, LCSW

I am a provider at our Aldie clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. Whether you’re trying out therapy for the first time in your life or are trying to continue your journey of healing, I am here to support you! My name is Elaine, and I am open to new clients at this time! I specialize in depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, and trauma. I’ve worked with children and adolescents in many different settings (outpatient, inpatient, residential) and have a wide array of experience that helps to individualize your treatment to your specific needs and goals. I also am fully-trained in EMDR Therapy. I look forward to working with you!

I specialize in treating children, adolescents, and young adults as they navigate through their stages of life and are struggling with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, childhood trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. I also treat adults struggling with these same issues and are open to clients of all ages and issues. I offer individualized talk-based therapy using CBT, ACT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Psychodynamic
Theory, and EMDR Therapy.

The clients I hope to serve include people struggling with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and personality disorders. Additional areas that they might be struggling in could be eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, childhood trauma, and adjustment to different stages/events in life. Their goals might include working to build healthy coping skills, learning more about their diagnoses, receiving psychoeducation on their mental illnesses and how to treat them effectively in their everyday lives, and processing their thoughts, feelings and experiences.