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Madeline Suss Bishop, LCSW

Madeline Suss Bishop, LCSW is a provider at our Arlington and North Bethesda clinics who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. She has a master’s in social work from the University of Maryland, a B.A. in literature from American University, and she did graduate work in medieval literature at the University of Maryland. She credits her epiphanies while working on her master’s thesis in medieval literature for shifting her focus from teaching to being a therapist. She is also a graduate of the two-year Gestalt training program at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. Currently, she is working toward her certification in applied positive psychology.

Madeline has been a practicing clinician for over 20 years. For more than half of that time, she has worked in acute-care settings, where she gained considerable experience working with clients with mood disorders like bipolar, depression, and anxiety. She has also worked as a private practitioner for just as long, and she is comfortable using a variety of skills and techniques, like cognitive-behavioral exercises, meditation, and visualization. Her approach is strength-based and solution-oriented, and her manner is authentic, with a relaxed use of humor when appropriate. She specializes in working with adolescents and adults doing individual, family, couples, and group therapy. She believes that we all have the ability to thrive and flourish, and she encourages the care of the whole person.

In her free time, Madeline enjoys weightlifting, boxing, golfing with her husband, and hiking with her dogs. She is also dedicated to reading and writing about topics that contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.