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Sam Lee, LPC

I am a provider at our Arlington clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth.

Living in dynamic times, the winds of life blows this way and that, and like a sailboat in a vast ocean, you might find yourself cast and adrift in an unknown water and lost, even amidst a storm, searching for ways to a safe harbor. Whether it is mood or anxiety issues, recent or long term trauma experiences, going through a major disturbances or unexpected changes, addictive lifestyles, grief and loss, unexpected turn in your relationships, or just going through an interminable and seemingly unchangeable situations, as a psychotherapist I have been a pathfinder and a trail guide in the maze of life’s situations for individuals, couples and families in the journey of life.

I have been working with clients in times of their needs such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addictive lifestyles, ADHD, career and life transitions, active and retired military personnel and families, grief and loss, spiritual search and pursuit of one’s meaning of existence. My therapeutic approach includes a combination of techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Trauma Recovery, Mindfulness, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) among others. I love helping couples in various situations to rediscover, reconnect and rebuild themselves and with each other.

Born in South Korea, and transitioned as a “1.5 generation“ and having previously worked as an engineer, I bring full cultural heritage and unique understanding of Asian family dynamics, and industrial background. I offer the best of both worlds at several levels, of Eastern and Western cultures and worldviews, of non-native and fully integrated lifestyles, and of technological and psychological careers. Clients with technical job/career or dispositions always are delighted to find that I speak their ‘language’. I have extensive experience working with clients who wish to integrate Christian principles in therapy. Life is like a journey on a ship in a sea of beauty and peace, rocks and storms, mysteries of the deep, and the winds of all seasons. Come, the weary and burdened… and together, let’s find a new course in our journeys….