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  • Complex diagnostic questions
  • When there is an unclear diagnosis or concerns about a possibly developing diagnosis (e.g., mood, anxiety, eating disorder
  • Difficulties that present in the school situation:
    • in a particular subject area
    • noncompliance with homework/class work regimes
    • difficulties concentrating
    • Underachievement
  • Suspicion of a learning disability
  • Difficult emotional behaviors that are hard to manage
  • Problems with emotional regulation
  • Problems with impulsivity, aggression, and behavioral dyscontrol
  • Problems getting along with others
  • When clarification of treatment goals is needed
  • When problems persist even with treatment

Comprehensive Psychological Testing provides answers to troubling questions.

  • Intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • Level of executive functioning skills
  • Educational skills and presence of a learning disability
  • Clarification of emotional difficulties
  • Identification of underlying psychological concerns
  • Assistance in treatment planning