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Test batteries are tailored to the exact needs presented by the individual, often including:

Intellectual Assessment

  • Determination of overall level of cognitive functioning and potential
  • Delineation of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, including:
    • Verbal information processing
    • Auditory processing
    • Nonverbal reasoning
    • Rote memory
    • Processing speed
  • Analysis of intellectual problem-solving
  • Role of attention in demonstrations of intellectual potential

Educational Assessment

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Academic fluency
  • Written language

Executive Functioning Skills

Assessment of skills that deal with:

  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Behavioral/emotional control
  • Initiation
  • Time management
  • Task completion
  • Having full and consistent access to true intellectual abilities

Emotional and Personality Assessment

  • Analysis of inner emotional world
  • Emotional problem-solving and decision-making
  • Quality of thinking/reality testing and accuracy of judgment
  • Current stress levels and whether issues reflect more ongoing or situational-based concerns
  • Evaluation of stress management skills and coping strategies
  • Underpinnings of internal emotional states (e.g., depression, anger, anxiety)
  • Evaluation of emotional regulation and behavioral dyscontrol
  • Self-esteem
  • Identity issues
  • Quality of interpersonal interactions
  • Level of social skills