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Brittany Bailey, PA

I am a provider at our Alexandria clinic who provides psychiatry services in-person and via telehealth. I hope to create an environment where my client can be completely transparent in order for me to provide the best possible care to them. I also hope to build a relationship based off of trust and effective communication. The issues my client would have would either be a certain mood disorder that needs to be addressed or they are struggling with addiction. Their ultimate goal would be to address the problem because they want to live a life where they don’t feel hindered by their diagnosis. In addition, we together will come up with reasonable solutions to help alleviate and manage their diagnoses.

I see clients where they are and how I can best adequately help them. It is essential to take a well-rounded approach when assessing and treating a client. I offer treatment of mood disorders in addition to addiction. With my extensive background in psychology, neuroscience, and addiction medicine, I understand these comorbidities foundationally at a neurologic level. Combination therapy is essential in providing the best outcome, and as a provider I provide my clients pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. I also offer TMS and Spravto for resistant depression and use the latest research to provide treatment for specific addictions.

It is essential to truly understand a patient and the only way to do so is by actively listening. It is my duty to fully assess and understand a patient prior to treating. I value connection amongst all demographics and find it important to help diverse backgrounds who often have trouble accessing care. Every patient has a story, and as a provider I believe in listening first and providing reasonable solutions. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction you are not alone. My years of studying psychology, neuroscience, and addiction medicine has heightened my plight to help those who are in need.