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Rachel Shelton, LMSW

Counseling and Therapeutic Clinician, Rockville, MD

Rachel L. Shelton is a licensed therapist here to help clients work through life’s challenges and cope with emotional pain. She prides herself in assisting clients in discovering their inner authenticity and helping them reach their full potential. She utilizes a non-judgmental, skill-building, behavioral change, and cognitive approach to support you in letting go of unproductive and unhelpful habits so that you can address your concerns and create the life you want. Rachel believes that our existence is purposeful and meaningful. She is a firm believer that life stressors and emotional pain are here to teach us meaningful lessons and to help us develop spiritually and emotionally so that we may come to know and experience true joy. By working together, Rachel can assist you in tackling your life hardships and help you create a custom emotional and mental health tool kit to help conquer difficult and uncomfortable emotions and create the life you want. With a supportive and secure therapeutic space, she will help make therapy an unbiased and growth-oriented experience for you. Book your first appointment—it’s time to heal and get your life together one session at a time.